John Irle

John Irle

Web Development, Programming, and Cybersecurity


Software Engineer at Cyderes.

Master of Science in Computer Science, Software Development. My interests include front-end web development, back-end development and programming languages.

I like to build for the web with React, Next, Express, and Node.

I'm interested in TypeScript, Rust and Go.

Front-end Projects

Caleb Rodewald portfolio

Caleb Rodewald portfolio Screenshot

A React single page application that describes and displays graphic design projects by Caleb Rodewald.

Wikipedia Search Application

Wikipedia Search Application Screenshot

A React application that uses Axios to make a request to the wikipedia api with an entered search term and displays the results.

Markdown Previewer

Markdown Previewer Screenshot

React app that uses the Marked library to parse markdown and display the result.

Leadership Quote Generator

Leadership Quote Generator Screenshot

Randomly selects and displays a leadership quote from an author. The user then has the option to tweet the quote.

Float Tank Savings Calculator

Float Tank Savings Form Screenshot

A widget made for a float tank company that shows time and money savings with their product.

Back-end Projects

URL Shortener Service

An Express app that generates, saves and returns a short url when a long url is entered. When the short url is used, the app searches the database and redirects the request to the long url if it is found in the database.

Request Header Parser Service

An express app that parses the header of a request and returns a JSON object with the IP address, language and operating system of the requester.

Timestamp Micro-service

An Express app that returns a JSON object with unix and natural language dates when given a url parameter of either unix or natural language.