Weekly Links Aug. 23 - Aug. 27

August 27, 2021

Why the React Testing Library is Much More than a Testing Library
This is a nice overview of some of the features of React Testing Library. I didn't know about screen.logTestingPlaygroundURL()

Mastering design systems components in Figma
I've been learning Figma and this is a nice video about the Choices that make sense when designing a component library using the Figma Component API.

Managing Shared State in Vue 3
A comparison of methods for shared state in Vue. Includes factories, shared, objects, and Vuex. It was interesting to see what Vuex 5 has added.

The most underused browser feature
A short and simple post about using reader mode. I didn't know about this feature and found out you have to enable it through chrome flags in Chrome and Brave.

Why Foxes lead you to Treasure in Skyrim
An interesting Twitter thread detailing the mechanics used in Skyrim for pathfinding and why that makes wild foxes lead you to treasure and outposts.

Embedding Vue.js Apps in Go
A nice tutorial that shows you how to create a Go backend and embed and serve a Vue front end. It also discusses a few methods for dealing with CORS.